Could Rodent Awareness Be the Key to a Successful Winter Season?


The Professional Pest Management Alliance wants to educate the public about the threat of rodents in their homes and businesses and the importance of working with a professional to solve their rodent problems. And so, October 21st marks the start of Rodent Awareness Week and as a Pest Professional, you know just how important it is to get the word out about mice and rat problems.  Encouraging education about rodents, particularly at a time when the weather is getting colder and they are seeking shelter inside, could be a key to your business success this winter.  Take advantage of this opportunity to join in on this national effort to increase awareness while maximizing your marketing efforts this Rodent Awareness Week with the following tips:
Use lots of images
When it comes to your marketing efforts – both on and offline – be sure to include plenty of images and videos of rodents. These can be ones that you have taken yourself or ones from scientific journals or websites (used with permission).  Nobody likes a rodent in their home and pictures can be startling enough for home owners to take action by seeking the help of professional pest control. 

Let rodents take over your social media
For an entire week let rodents infiltrate your social media. With pictures, videos, facts, and other educational information, give your followers a firm understanding of rodent prevention. Be sure to use the hashtag #RodentAwarenessWeek so your efforts are part of the national conversation as you connect people to your thread.

Create a rodent prevention/exclusion program
One of the best ways to educate your customers is by offering a rodent prevention/exclusion program. From rodent detection to facts on how to cover up entry points, and other educational materials, you can support your customers with early rodent detection. Whether your customers are used to city living or farm life, apartments, college dorms or single-family homes, there is no limit to the possibilities of offering a program that introduces proper treatment of rodents.

Be the go-to source
Make your website a hotspot for expert information. When homeowners have questions or concerns about rodent detection and prevention, they immediately go online looking for information. The more material you put on your site, the more your site will come up in searches, and you will be seen as an expert in the industry. Use SEO on your landing page and in your blogs to ensure the keywords people use when searching are in line with your site. 

Get your customers to talk about your service
Storytelling is a great marketing tactic to get people to learn more about your service. Show before and after pictures, talk about a rodent job and how your firm gained control of the problem, get your customers to write online reviews or share your card with their friends and neighbors to get the word out. You may also consider using lawn signs if your clients are willing to let you do so.

Although the winter is a great time to promote your business, knowing how to get the word out is not always easy. Using the above tips this Rodent Awareness Week and beyond will help your business stand out and flourish for the months to come. This is the time of year when the public is truly hungry for rodent information. The more you can do to keep them informed and keep rodent control top of mind, the more service calls you’ll get all winter long!