Four Fresh Ideas to Maximize Your Marketing This Rodent Season


By Aris Gharapetian, Director of Marketing, Target Specialty Products

The week of October 20-26th 2019 has been named Rodent Awareness Week by the National Pest Management Association. But don’t be overly concerned if you don’t have a plan already in place for your audience. The week is really meant to kick-off awareness as we enter the busy season of rodent infestations.  

This year we freshened up our list of marketing ideas. Use them to maximize awareness of rodents in homes and businesses this fall. Read on and make the most of your marketing this season….

1. Use video in your marketing. Video livens up your social posts, engages users, is loved by google and has even been proven to boost conversion rates. So what are you waiting for? Most everyone has a cell phone these days. Incentivize your technicians to capture some video from the field. Some ideas to record might are: where in the home rodents are most typically found, signs of a rodent infestation or consider answering the age old question: how did rodents enter the building.

2. #UseYourHashtags It may sound cliché these days but hashtag away! This rodent awareness week’s hashtag is #RodentAwareness. Add it to all of your social posts to join the conversation, be found online and piggyback off of the industry’s efforts.

3. Find the perfect influencer for your business. Do you have a great commercial client that’s already well-known in your marketplace? Or perhaps another personality that most everyone in your treatment area listens to and relates to? See if you can land them as an influencer in your online efforts. An influencer will sing your praises and drop your name and number in his or her online efforts. Their celebrity and reputation in your service area should speak for itself and convince new clients to tryout your services. 

4. Find a complementary partnership in town and cross-promote each other’s services. Much like influencer marketing this tactic involves finding a business that has the same customer base that you are targeting. You can then cross-promote the other business’ brand in your marketing efforts. Some great targets for a pest control firm are: real estate agents, restaurants and other local businesses that service your same demographic.

We hope we encouraged you to step out of your comfort zone and tryout a new marketing tactic this year. Together let’s raise awareness about the dangers of rodent infestations in homes and businesses. Wishing you much success this rodent season.